I am pursuing my Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India in Bharti School of Telecommunications.

My research focus is on sparse representations and compressed sensing.


  1. Kumar, S., (2021). CR-Sparse: Hardware accelerated functional algorithms for sparse signal processing in Python using JAX. Journal of Open Source Software, 6(68), 3917,


During the course of study, I have prepared some notes which have helped me understand the field better. These notes are purely draft and for personal use. They are not published in any scientific literature. They are being shared here with the belief that they might be of some use to other budding researchers.

All errors and omissions are purely mine.

In case you have any feedback or any concern regarding these notes, please write to me [shailesh (at) indigits (dot) com].

Topics in Signal Processing

This is an online resource for people who want to get a deeper mathematical background into optimization algorithms for signal processing.

Topics in Signal Processing

This work includes coverage on: basic set theory, real analysis, metric spaces, convex analysis, convex optimization algorithms, etc..

Illustrated Compressed Sensing

This is a slightly large set of notes covering the principles of sparse representations and compressed sensing. The notes are quite mathematics oriented and they cover the derivations of a good variety of results in the field from a number of sources.

Illustrated Compressed Sensing


This is a small bibliography of references I have prepared during the course of my study. While this is much smaller than the list of references at Rice Compressive Sensing Resources, there are some specific features in this document which you might find useful. It attempts to give a chronological list of papers around which specific concepts like spark, coherence, different recovery algorithms grew over time. There is a detailed table of contents listing specific concepts and then a list of papers for each concept. See for yourself.


If you would want to suggest improvements to the document, do let me know.